Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Website Pick: www.gardenvisit.com

I was doing some research on plants and gardening, trying to get some ideas for the upcoming season, and I came across GardenVisit. I enjoy seeing what other people have done with their gardens to gain inspiration, this was easy to find here. GardenVisit.com gives you a list of landmark gardens in nearly every country! Because I wanted to stay local (that way I know I'm looking at flowers that will survive in this climate), I looked at Canadian gardens. In Ontario alone, 12 gardens were listed, including a map that shows their exact location! Now not only can I look at pictures to get ideas, but I can visit the gardens in person.

I then moved through the rest of the website to get an idea of what other information was available to me, I found a category called "Trip Planner". Just as I had pondered about going to visit these gardens, this website helped me to plan an entire garden viewing trip. Talk about an easy way to plan a vacation!

This website provides all the information needed to inspire an avid gardener. Any garden enthusiast will appreciate the number of professional gardens listed in such a large area. Gardener’s world wide that visit this website will be able to find a garden they can visit and get ideas and inspiration from!

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