Friday, May 30, 2008

Great new pictures of my rain barrel!

Pictures of my Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System

Here's what the Cascata rain barrel looks like in my backyard! Who says rain barrels have to look ugly???


Backyard Gardener said...

This rain barrel was Made in Canada- I left it out for an entire Canadian winter and it didn't chip or crack!

Audrey said...

saw your comment on my blog post ( and would love to know more about the great green idea you executed in your own backyard. Please feel free to email me info and pictures ( Thanks!

Backyard Gardener said...
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Backyard Gardener said...

Cascata Rain Barrel, PROS:

1. Drop dead gorgeous, compared to other rain barrels.
2. Planter is extremely durable (3/8" thick wall). Body is strong and should hold up fine over the winter.
3. Easy assembly.- all you need is one slotted screwdriver.
4. The planter at the top is a great feature. It can also be used as a birdbath.
5. Large capacity- will hold 65 gallons.

Cascata Rain Barrel, CONS:

1. Drain hose is cheap; it crimps. Replace this with a decent hose.
2. Does not come with an overflow hose. You'll have to get a pool overflow hose from your local hardware store, plus a hose clamp.
3. The planter could be deeper. You'll need to line it with moss, or else hole drill for drainage.

Carol said...

thanks for the tip on the Cascata rain barrel. A little pricey but its gorgeous! Thanks for the post and I'll put you on my blog roll Carol,