Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Safety in the Garden

As the summer draws closer, we tend to spend more time in our garden – not just working out there, but also relaxing and enjoying the fruits of our efforts. While we think of our home and our garden as a safe place for us, this is usually where most accidents happen. Here are some simple things that you can do to keep your garden a safe place to enjoy, both for yourself and for any young ones who may be running around.

  • If you use any products in your garden or on your lawn that contains chemicals, keep these products locked up at all times, so that any children cannot get at them, and always use these products only as the directions say.

  • Always wear protective footwear, gloves and eye protection when working in the garden. Wear kneepads if you’re going to be doing any kneeling.

  • Keep tools out of children’s reach; put all tools away as soon as you are finished using them, and learn how to use them properly. Always check your tools before using them to make sure they are not broken; when cleaning them, make sure they are unplugged.

  • Check your lawn and garden for anything that may cut or trip you – loose rocks, nails, slaps of stone, etc. Also, don’t work in the garden in wet or icy weather – this can not only be dangerous on your own, but it can be even more so if you’re using power tools.

  • When working on a ladder, only work with what you can reach comfortably that is directly in front of you. Instead of reaching, re-position the ladder. When positioning your ladder, make sure that it is on an even surface, and that it has rubber feet to prevent slippage.

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Anonymous said...

very good points for garden safety. And I love the birdhouse in your next post too.