Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Terra Composter Revealed has released images of the Terra composter that they are going to be carrying next year. Compared to other composters, I think it looks like a nice, stylish change from the big black one I’ve currently got in my backyard. That said, I'm going to have to wait to see the price before I decide whether or not to purchase it.

What I really like about this, as I said above, is that it LOOKS nice. A lot nicer than what I currently have hidden in the back corner of my yard. I bought one of the rain barrels that carries (the smaller one), and this looks like it's made of the same plastic. If it is, then I know that it's not going to be too heavy, and that it will stand up to a lot of abuse that I may put it through.

The back door is apparently designed in a way to make it hard for rodents to get into, which is definitely a plus for it. I've had problems with raccoons in the past, so anything that will detract from the raccoons getting into my composter is appealing to me.

I've never bothered to make compost tea before – I know, it's supposed to be great for container gardening, and for house plants, but it just always seemed like much too much work for me to bother. It looks like this new composter, however, has an area to collect compost tea, and a spout to drain it from the composter. I can definitely see how this would benefit someone who is as lazy as I can get. ;)

The one part I’m not sure whether I like about this composter is that it looks like it would be a little difficult to turn the compost, as it looks a lot thinner than it is tall. It might be hard to get all of the compost mixed together properly.

What do you think about this compost bin? Is there anything in particular that you like or dislike about it?

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Green Nation Gardens... said...

It does look nice. Looks more like a rain barrel to me. Since it seems to be tall and thin and the compost goes on top, it will probably get top heavy and tip while trying to turn the compost. It is also made of plastic. Is it virgin plastic or recycled plastic? An important thing to know.

I like the Jora Composter best. It is made of metal, that can be recycled. It has insulating panels, that keep the compost at an even warm temp, so you can compost year round. It is on a sturdy stand and is easy to spin. You have compost in a few weeks, not months. Check it out at