Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lack of Rain is No Excuse Not To Install a Rain Barrel

Do you live in a dry area with drought-like conditions? I've heard many tell me that they don't install rain barrels because there's no rain to collect. But where there's a will to help the environment, there's always a way...

Homeowners that live in drought-like areas usually have air conditioners. And did you know that air conditioners are an untapped source for FREE water? Air conditioners produce a continuous supply of water condensate each and every day. All you really have to do is to disconnect the air conditioner condensate and connect it to a rain barrel. And voila! You are now recycling air conditioner condensate for use in your garden.

TIP OF THE DAY: Connect your air conditioner to a rain barrel for a free, everyday source of water for your garden.

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